Tips and tricks for bingo lottery

Tips and tricks for bingo lottery

Well, because bingo is basically a game of chance like a lottery from which it has developed over the centuries, perhaps the best way to win (or at least lose the least) is to avoid the games in which there are the lowest odds to win.

Choosing a play, look what is the cost of the card, the amount of the bank, the number of players involved in the game and the number of cells that must be filled in the proposed scheme.

Compare, for example, a game that costs $ 1 per card and the payout of $ 50 (for the card is full) at approximately 100 participating players, and a game that is worth the same $ 1 per card and the payout of $100 with 200 players. Your chances of winning, of course, are better in the first game: 1 in 100 to 1 in 200. But the payment (50 to 1 against 100 to 1) makes both games similar if you play bingo for money, but not for the feeling of victory.

Remember that a few gambling return such a low percentage of the money invested as bingo. The procedure of the game takes an average of 25 to 40 percent of the money invested. The best payment which you can find is equal to 80 percent.

If you are looking to win at bingo, it is important to understand the system of payment. Your best chance to win is to find the games that take place in the atmosphere of the worst: anything that can reduce the number of players (or, more precisely, the number of cards in the game), will improve your chances. Well, as for the atmosphere, it is rather related to the game in real rooms, and in the online bingo games, you can search for the decent pay and the lowest number of participants (which, in overall, is difficult, it is possible rather in obscure bingo-rooms).

We also mentioned that many players try to improve their chances of winning by playing a large number of cards. This strategy is statistically correct: the players who play more cards are closer to victory, but they are also putting more money into the game and (as experts believe) their chances to lose are almost the same. Of course, if you can get a discount when you buy multiple cards and do not pay a full price, then consider that you have a small advantage in financial terms.

Some experts advise players to buy and take as many numbers that you have a maximum of four cards and enough opportunities for investments. However, it is unlikely that this strategy is justified, even if you have four cards. Many players believe in the selection of cards containing certain numbers in strategic places on the cards, such as the diagonal and angles or “winning” cells in “live” bingo with 75 balls (cells are in any row of five, including a center – free cell). They swear by “lucky” numbers, numbers that have special meaning for them at every opportunity.

Here’s what to look for when choosing a site for the game:

– Online casino. Many popular places (Casino Tropez, Winner Casino, AdamEve Casino, Titan Casino, 888 Casino, Europa Casino) offer a variety of formats and lotteries, and, what is most importantly for the chance of the player, with guaranteed or fixed prize pools .

– The percentage of returns. Current legislation requires that online casino should provide the information on the percentage return of a machine. The more respectable casino is, the higher the percentage is. Typically, it ranges from 60% to 80%.

– Balls in bingo, or rather their number. If you are a beginner – you better play bingo of British type (90 balls), as it is the simplest format of the lottery. American types (75 and 80 balls) offer additional sources of income, but require careful consideration of the rules (the nuances related to methods of filling particular bingo cards).

– Table of the lottery bingo. Many casinos publish the reports about the lotteries that were already played. Your task is to explore what time the bingo is played by the least number of gamblers. If you are a regular player, you need to have your own table of bingo drawings, in which you can accumulate the experience and information on the number of participants. Namely, this information is crucial in answering the question how to win the lottery, bingo. According to mathematical calculations, the less players there are in a particular drawing, the better it is for each player. In other words, the fewer bingo cards are sold, the higher the expectation of a lottery is. At the same time, the more cards in the draw is concentrated in a single player, the higher the chances of final victory is.

Do people playing on the “special numbers” win more often? No, but they may be more passionately engaged in the game than the other players. If you are not playing only for the money, this excitement can be a strong part of bingo.

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