The new winner of the World Series of Poker

jacobson poker winner 2014

Martin Jacobson, the Swedish poker player received the World Series of Poker (WSOP) in a 5-hour terrific tournament last Tuesday. He won the prize of $10,000,000 and the so-much desired championship bracelet. This European player is the sixth to become the winner in the event.

There were nine players in the finale broadcasting on Monday. Only three players remained after twelve hours of the tournament on Monday night: Jorryt Van Hoof, a player from Denmark, Felix Stephenson from Norway, and Jacobsen. It was the first time in the history of WSOP that no American client reached the final three in the Texas Hold’em without limits tournament.

Van Hoof was the leader of the game, but he appeared to be the third and earned only $3,8 million in wins. After the five-hours battle Jacobson (age 27) won the tournament having three ten’s and Stephensen had a pair of nine’s. For the second place Stephensen received %5,1 million. All three members of the tournament live in London.

On the contrary to all his competitors Jacobson wasn’t dressed in a hoodie, sunglasses and a baseball cap to repel his “tells”. He only had his black-rimmed glasses.

What happened after the victory? It’s not difficult to foresee. There were a lot of confetti blasts and his beloved began to congratulate him. Then they feasted together his winning.

As Jacobson commented later, “There is no such a notion as an “ideal tournament”, but this event was similar to it.”

As Associated Press has informed us, Jacobson began training playing poker when he was studying to become a chef. His friends were difficult to awake after the night shifts, so he began practicing online poker. At 21 he went to Las Vegas for the big tournament, but he lost after a number of rounds. His current success is a certain comeback.

More than 6,700 gamblers joined the WSOP, owned by Caesars Entertainment Corps, last July. They paid $10,000 for the participation. After seven days of elimination rounds only nine of the players reached the Monday’s nine.

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