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The most ancient casino of America found in the cave of the State of Utah

In Utah the casino age 800 years was found

As the archaeologists informed, the cave in the State of Utah may contain the remains of the most ancient gambling casino in North America.

Among the artifacts found in the cave nearby Great Salt Lake, there is one hundred of primitive dice, carved sticks, darts and hoops dated from the XIII century. Professor of University Alberta Jack Ives considers that in the cave there can be not less than one thousand of such things that will make this find “unprecedented in the western part of the US”.

As the professor said in Western Digs, cave inhabitants lived in a relative prosperity in comparison with their neighbors. In this regard, they had free time, which they devoted to such entertainments as gambling.

Gambling now and then

The dice found in the cave differed from modern because one side was marked. According to the assumptions of archaeologists, ancient Indians threw up to eight dice at the same time and counted the quantity of the sticks, which dropped out with the marked side up. For other popular game of darts, the wooden hoop and feathers were used. One of the players had to spin the wheel, and another tried to get into it.

The doctoral candidate of University Alberta Gabriel Yanickiicki claims that traditionally dice were played by women. They did small bets, such as “subjects of personal belongings or quite often by means of gambling they solved who will perform some house duties, for example, cooking”. However, men weren’t only the audience, it is considered that they staked on the outcome of female games. According to Yanicki, by means of games Indians also solved much more serious problems. Dice might be used as means of disputes’ solution with the competing tribes “instead of more hostile interactions, such as wars, for example”.

Space and gambling

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