The message in the lottery ticket affronted he player from Elmira

You Elmira Trash

The player at the Wheel of Fortune from Elmira, New York, read an insulting message on his scratch-off ticket.

The authorities of New York lottery try to persuade the player that this is only a random coincidence, but the man doubts this.

A couple of weeks ago, 22 years old student in Elmira, New York, Nick Lynough paid for the Wheel of Fortune ticket $5 in a local bar, scratched it and saw the notice “You Elmira Trash” in the spaces for Person, Place and Things categories. This massage shocked him.

The ABC News got to know that Nick Lynough is sure that the ticket was “fake and tampered with.” He was really anger for such a treatment as a native Elmira citizen by International Game Technology (IGT), the manufacturer of this ticket. He invited the Sheriff from Chemung County Office to investigate the insult.

The Sheriff Christopher Moss turned to the New York State Lottery with this ticket for the explanations. After the investigation, the lottery officials concluded that the “unfortunate arrangement of words on this individual ticket was completely random, coincidental and – most importantly – unintentional.”

After the New York Commission weighed in on the brouhaha, they came to the conclusion that the chance to see such a message on the ticket is equal to “one in 900m.” Even the possibilities to win a jackpot in such games as the Mega Million and the Powerball are one to 258 m and one to 175 m respectively.

The Sheriff was satisfied with the explanations, although Nick Lynough has some doubts. Meantime, IGT was asked to get rid of the word ‘trash’ in their tickets for the Wheel of Fortune.

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