New gambling bills in Washington and Mississippi

online casino bills

Two US States decided to change their regulations as to online gambling. The states of Washington and Mississippi have lately introduced bills for the legalization of online gambling.

Washington State legalized online poker

Playing poker in various land-based establishments is quite legal, although the state introduced a law in 2006 to ban online poker. Curtis Woodward of the Washington iPoker initiative commented, “During a long period of time the authorities opposed to online poker. The authorities are not against poker in different Tribal casinos or some poker rooms, but call us criminals if we decide to enjoy this game at home on our PCs. It is very foolish and even useless, because gamblers proceed playing on the sites from other countries and without any security measures. But after the legalization of online poker in Washington State, under the control of the legislation and supervision of Gambling Commission, flimsy offshore operators will be forced to leave the state and this will give the opportunity to accumulate the profit within the state.”

A new Bill in the state of Mississippi

Representative Bobby Moak, who attempted to repeal a ban on online gambling during the past 3 years but without any success, tried again last week. He introduced a bill called the Mississippi Lawful Internet Gaming Act Of 2015. Thanks to this act the state will enter into the agreement with other jurisdictions aiming to share the liquidity of the player in other states, tribal governments and foreign countries. The main trouble for legal gaming institution was illegal offshore online gambling providers, so the bill will make the state close access to such sites. Furthermore, the individual operators accused of providing online gambling services will get 10 years in jail and a fine up to $100,000. If a company is noticed in such illegal activities, the fine will comprise up to $250,000.

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