GC predicts igaming dilatation in 2015

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Gambling Compliance (GC) informs the public in its new report that more US states will turn their attention to online gambling in 2015, and even with the worst development of the situation, the ban of the Internet gaming won’t be imposed by federal legislation.

“US Internet Gambling In Focus: 2014 and 2015” report analyzed the existing situation with the gambling market of the US and the possibility of its development in 2015.

The report predicts the possible development of the situation with igaming, where online gambling legislation could go on the state front, and they stress that this might really happen.

“We admit that online gambling predicting is a difficult task. However, we must attempt to predict,” the report commented. According to GC there are three possible ways of the situation development. The first base-case way is that one of the states will ordain igaming legislation in 2015, and this way is considered the most probable. They suppose that this will happen in California, Pennsylvania, or Virginia Islands.

The second is the bull-case way. According to it, two states would introduce igaming this year. However, it is supposed that among this state would appear Iowa, which is on the frontier of the igaming debate.

The third option is the bare-case way and it predicts that none of the states would ordain new Internet gaming legislation, this year.

But the most significant prediction is that whatever way would be chosen, this would result in the failure of the online gambling ban.

GC also reports about the increase in sales of igaming lotter this year. They are already sold in a number of US states, and according to GC’s base-case way it is supposed that the state of Kentucky will join them.

GC thinks that from 8 to 11 states will introduce igaming bills in their legislature this year. And if this happens, the state will follow the example of Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware. After the first Internet gambling websites appeared in New Jersey in December 2013, the income was 93% per person.

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