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Dive into the French version of roulette

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French Roulette – Tracing down the roots of roulette to its origin

When we talk about roulette, we often refer to the American version of it. But if we study a little about it, we would know that this famous casino game originated in France. The meaning of the word ‘roulette’ is derived from the French word of wheel. Thus the game consists of a wheel rotating along its circumference with a ball doing the same. The game as a whole was originally played in the 18th century! There is history about the origin of the roulette wheel.

Paris has been host to this exciting game since 1796. Those wheels had the color red for single zero and black four double zero. Over the years, the game became popular across different countries and casinos started introducing roulette. At present, roulette is one of the most widely played games in the casinos across the world.

French Roulette online

French roulette sure has come a long way since its inception in 1796. In this modern day and age where everything is available online, there is no reason why FR should be made available on your computer screens. Playing the game is so simple yet entertaining. French roulette has made its way up in the United States. Mississippi and New Orleans are hosts to the roulette games using the French wheel. Due to rampant cheating and usage of inappropriate methods, the wheel was brought up and placed on the table. This was done to ensure that no devices are hidden under the table. This eventually developed into the American roulette.

Online French Roulette is easy to play and also a lot of fun. The rules are more or less the same. The software on the website turns the wheel and brings the ball to rest. You do not actually see someone turning the wheel, but the online version has an unbiased wheel.

Play French Roulette free

The French roulette is the third most exciting and popular variant of roulette played in today’s world. Most of the outside bets in the French roulette have been translated to their French counterpart.

The presence racetrack betting area is one of the few differences between the American Roulette and French Roulette in the United States. The payouts of the wagers are just the same as AR.

When you do not want to invest any money and just play for fun, opting for the online FR free is the best option. This will help you know the game, get the tricks, try out different combinations and the likes. All you need to do it set it up on your computer and enjoy the game. Now worries about losing money. Play French Roulette free just for fun!

French Roulette no deposit

The no deposit for French roulette is similar to that for the American roulette. When you are a beginner and are trying out a particular casino game, the first thing you would do is get yourself registered and have an account of your own. Just the new account will give you a no deposit bonus! So, you do not invest any money for the account and you receive an attractive bonus for starting off your gambling games! This is an interesting move especially to attract new users.

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