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Discovering the European roots of casino

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European Roulette: play roulette the European way in US casino!

Roulette had its origin in Europe. More precisely, it was Paris that gave birth to this game. But the original French roulette that we know of now is a little different from the European roulette. From a distance, to a novice, both these variants will look the same. However, if you look closely, and if you have the eye of a roulette player, there are indeed some rather major differences.

Before that, let us talk about roulette in brief. In common man’s language, there is a wheel which rotates on its own and a ball that spins on the wheel. The main idea is to make a bet of a number between 1 to 37 or 38 and the slot in which the ball comes to rest is the winning number.

Here you will get all the information you need for playing European roulette. It is an exciting game and will keep you glued to it. Roulette changed the picture of French casino gaming in the 17th century. But when it moved to Europe, it took a whole new shape. If you have played American roulette, you can very well indulge into European roulette. The main difference between the two is that AR has one extra digit in the form of a double zero and that is missing in European roulette in the US.

European Roulette online

If you know the basic rules of roulette, ER is rather interesting and easy to play. It is in fact a game of chances and whether you win or lose will depend entirely on your fortunes. But you must know the strategies of the game to play it online. Sometimes even dealing or interacting with people who are pros at the game might be of big help. That is something you will get online! With the same rules and higher levels of comfort, ER online is surely an exciting option.

Play European Roulette free

There are various options left open for you to play roulette online. On the days when you just want to relax and play European roulette for fun, online roulette for free gives you the best options. Settle down in front of your computer screens and try your luck at ER. What is more is that you do not have to pay anything for online ER. There are no deposits. However, this has one disadvantage. Neither do you lose any money that you have to invest, nor do you stand any chance of winning money. So if you want to play just for entertainment and not exactly gamble, online ER free is a good idea for you!

European Roulette no deposit

The no deposit bonus will attract a lot of new users to online ER. The process is simple. All you have to do is open a new and valid account, get yourself registered and before you even make any deposits, you are rewarded with a welcome bonus! You can use it for your games that you play in the beginning. So without investing anything you get a bonus. What more could a casino gaming beginner could have asked for?

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