Don’t spoil your child with excessive X-mas gifts


The University of Missouri and the University of Illinois held a study and announced its results. According to it, too many X-mas gifts can change children into dysfunctional grown-ups inclined to gambling and different relationship troubles. 700 adults were respondents of the study.

The aim of the study was to warn the loving parents against purchasing all kinds of gifts for their kids for the coming Christmas. This will save your children from future problems and you from bankruptcy.

If the news about the influence of excessive presents is not very shocking to you, note that it was the first time when the connection between the gifts and gambling addictions has been studied.

Professor Marsha Richins from Misouri University reveals that such a materialistic approach to Christmas can turn kids into materialistically dependent adults treating everything and everybody from the position of welfare. Only new purchases or valuable gifts will bring them happiness. So, they are risking turning their attention to gambling as a means of improving the well-being, which can lead to marital problems, debts and health problems.

The study advises all the parents to keep off such parental guidance as: rewarding kids for some accomplishments; demonstrating love with presents; depriving of some presents in order to punish a child.

Professor Lan Chaplin from Illinois University says, “You shouldn’t avoid giving presents to your children, but explain them to be grateful for any present they receive, to be generous.”

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