Asian markets are open to the fans of poker


Are you ready to accept The World Poker Tour in Asia as it is trying to establish its positions here after getting the license and promotional agreement with such an organization as Ourgame International?

The two companies, Ourgame and the WPT, have already practiced working in collaboration previously, including the organization of the WPT National China poker tournament.

A famous online card and board game provider, the company Ourgame, has already established itself on numerous Asian markets.

According to the terms of the agreement, the firm Ourgame is going to receive the exclusive rights on the using of the logo of the WPT and its trademark in all the existing Asian markets, i.e., in Taiwan, China, Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Macau and the Philippines.

The agreement with Japan will have a non-exclusive character. The validation period of the agreement is going to be seven years.

The president of WPT said that their success at numerous Asian markets is thanks to their thorough work and partnership with such a firm as Ourgame, which organized WPT National China at MGM Grand Sanya. And they hope for the further collaboration with this company the results of which will be really pleasant for everybody.

Ourgame used this opportunity to move on its poker brand to other world’s market and hopes for the future success of this expansion.

Asian markets, and especially Chinese, are going to become the greatest poker places for the years to come thanks to the National China tournament established by the WPT. Before that the Chinese players used to play tractor poker and the WPT got a license to broadcast the National Tractor Poker tournament since 2007.

In the year 2012, the Chinese Leisure Sports Administration agreed to change their tournament to a no-limit hold’em poker, which is still played.

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