9 Possible candidates for iGaming legalization


At the beginning, we would like to stress that the chance that one of these states will allow online gambling in the upcoming years, is rather small, but it is possible that this will happen during the second or third wave of online gambling legalization in these states.

These states have the required conditions for the expansion of gambling industry, but none of them has decided yet if they want it or not.

Look at the four part series that will comprise the situation with iGaming in 50 states of the US, including:

1. The seven states where online gaming is legal or approval is imminent

2. The eight states currently thought to be considering online gaming expansion

3. The causes why 9 states might wish to expand online gaming in the coming years

4. The causes why 26 states will avoid passing iGaming laws

iGaming legalization in Colorado has already been questioned in 2012, when the Gambling Commission staff made a draft of the bill. As recently as last year, they tried the second bill, but without any results. The former Colorado Attorney General John Suthers gave a formal statement that it is needed to rewrite the Constitution of the State to pass the law.

Two casinos in Connecticut, Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun, will have serious competitors from establishments of Massachusetts and New York. If they want to survive, iGaming may be just what the Dr. ordered. However, the authorities and two tribes that control the industry have the plans of their own.

Iowa has already tried to legalize online gaming in 2012 and 2013. Based on this, the state legislature attempts to legalize Daily Fantasy Sports in Iowa, and there is some progress in this direction.

Maryland has developed all the prerequisites, which suggests the possibility of legalizing online gambling: strong industry of land-based casinos; 6 million population that has the highest average of income in the United States. A lottery director in Steve Martino that is for the legalization.

Oregon is one of those 4 states that according to the PASPA exemption may add some options of sports betting online platform, but they do not raise the problem of online gambling coming to Oregon.

Today online gambling is not a priority in Rhode Island, as all the efforts are focused on how to turn the casino Twin Rivers into a full casino-resort, as it has just got an addition of a hotel.

Early in 2015, Virginia tried to legalize online lotteries, but the bill eventually died.

Washington has already tried to pass the bill on online gambling in 2015 due to the tireless efforts Curtis Woodard. However, the bill left for dead in the legislature.

As long as Scott Walker is the state governor of Wisconsin, it is hardly ever possible that this state will legalize online gaming.

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