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Video poker casino game is quite popular among the crowd. It is played with five cards. It offers interesting platform for betting. It needs good judgment along with the better understanding of the game may win in large amounts! The game is similar to the slots and many a times players prefer to play video poker online in US instead!

The history of video poker is dated as back as the mid-1970s.

How to play free online poker?

It is similar as how one plays in the land casinos. The cards are dealt. The usual dealings are offered from the total of 52 cards. Next there is “deal” option which the player needs to press. The cards are delivered to the players. Next step is for the player. Here, one has to decide the cards he/she finds useful and others to give back. The dealer provides with the same number of new cards randomly. The pay table shows the winning combinations and accordingly the players are paid.

Variations in video poker casino

There are many variations in video poker. These are included in the types of video poker. Following combinations or hands are the usual ones: Royal flush, Full house, Straight flush, Four of a kind, Jacks, Three of a kind, Two pair, Flush.

Other variations include: Jokers where the joker card is added which makes stronger hands or combinations and so increases the chances to win. Also Deuces wild is another variation where, the twos are chosen as wild and they can be used to make better hands. The variations, bets and the credits differ from game to game. So before commencing, one must go through the rules, hands and the credits offered!

Video Poker Tips for US Players

Start with the basics. Go through the guidelines of the play. Choose a trusted and recommended website. Next go through the practice sessions before commencing the real game. In the beginning, the best is to go for straight poker hands. They are less risky. Slowly climbing to the more complicated ones is the key to play video poker online in US.

Also while deciding, take your time. There is no hurry. So in case you already have minimum winning hands, don’t wait to unfold all of them. Just go for the winning hand. The strategies are alike the slots. And go for the variations which you find easy to understand. You must know the various hand mentioned before on your finger tip. Remember, the minimum hand you will want to win is a pair of jacks!

Many websites offer free poker games with different betting and variations! Go through the reviews and take time in choosing the right one. The sites provide with the best tricks and the chances of winning with particular poker hands. They teach step wise the cards which come handy, and the ones you need to discard, many times the highest cards are to be discarded. All this game needs a plot and the patience to execute it.

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