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Craps is the game of dices! Dices always bring fun and unexpectedness to every game they are part of! This game makes use of two dices. The game is played and the winners declared by mean of the dices thrown and the readings on the series of different rolls or a single roll declares it! Now the new craps online US games are also available!

The craps are derived from the street craps which were played with the dice. These date as back as the late Middle Ages.

About Craps online

Online providers also provide with free craps. The game can be played with a single player or multiplayer. The area where the betting is done is known as the craps table. The craps online US versions also have the same feel. The house edge is the advantage the casino has over the player. In the game of crap, the bets on the odd have no house edges; so to play safe you must remember this while playing online. The rules, the guidelines for the play and the bets are very similar to the land casinos. Few variations always exist but proper research makes you well versed with the game.

How to play craps?

The game commences when the “Come out” roll is selected. At this point, the player gets to make the first roll at the play. The player at the active play is known as the “shooter”. Before the shooter commences the game, a bet is made. The bet is made by choosing various options like pass or don’t pass. If the come out roll comes to 2, 3 or 12, then the shot is called “craps”. If someone betted the pass line, he/she loses. If the come out roll comes to 7 or else 11, it’s a win. The other numbers- 4, 5, 6,7,8,9 and 10 are called the points.

In order to win, these point numbers should be rolled before a seven! Also there is a marker which describes the level of the game. If it shows black, it is off and so it means the player has not made his point. In contrast, if it shows white, the player has chosen.

Tips to play craps online for US players

As the thumb rule goes, go through the rules before starting to play the game. Next bet on the numbers who have higher probability of occurrence, these numbers include: a six or an eight. Also go for the odd bets. Follow your instincts while playing. It always helps. The amount one can bet varies for different games. Different bets include: Pass line, pass line odds, come, don’t come, buy bets, lay bets, any craps, don’t pass line, don’t pass line odds, three craps, two craps, twelve craps, field bet, any seven, and etc. The variations are present and so go through the rules.

Play online only for the websites that are trusted. Read the reviews before playing. Moreover you may want to learn the various odds which give in all 36 combinations for the 2 dices that are rolled. Better understanding of these combinations helps increase the chances of winning.

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