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This is the best game if one to defeat the dealer. The player does not play with other players. This makes casino blackjack a special game! The game is very simple o understand. The player gets a card and the dealer has its own out of the deck. The player can defeat the dealer in a number of ways. These ways have variations everywhere.

The history of blackjack is dated as back as the 17th century.

How to play online blackjack?

The basic aim for the player is to make higher hand than the dealer. The hands the player makes should be nearer to 21 but should not exceed 21. There is always a minimum and maximum bet in the play. So read the guide of the site and start with the minimum betting.

When the game starts, the player and the dealer both receive two cards each. The cards are open, except one of the cards of the dealer. The natural win combination is the ace with any of the tens. Various variations occur in the form of side rules. These side rules can be used only ones. After a player has decided, the dealer shows his hidden card and higher card wins. Many options commonly used are: Splitting: Where two starting cards are given of same value, the player has the option to divide the two cards and play as separate hands. Doubling down: This is when the player is sure that he/she has the winning hand! They can double the original bet, hence stand chances of winning at greater amounts.

Tips to play blackjack for US players

Make sure that you read the rules and the variations of the website you are playing for. Also remember that one you start playing; you can have an option of dealing the cards. So make the most of this option. You may take alternate turns to be a dealer. There are few ground rules for blackjack online US which are to be remembered in various variations. Like the rules to stand, rules when to hit, rules when to split, rules when to double, and when in doubt, one can choose to study the strategy charts and then proceed with the game.

One can even watch the assistance videos provided by the website to get a good hold over the game and the rules. It is easier to under via videos than reading.

Also go through the various best blackjack online US, narrow down to the one according to your like, go through the rules, and practice the free blackjack games available. They will help you become better with the game. Also do not forget to collect bonuses and read about them from before.

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